Bags folded

      Bags made of paper weights from 40 to 70 g Available in two colors - brown and white eco. Ideally suited for all kinds of bulk goods and foodstuffs. Bags are not bleached with chlorine!


Size (Width x Height) Weight Packed
120x210 mm 40-70g/m2 1000
150x300 mm 40-70g/m2 1000
180x350 mm 40-70g/m2 1000





Bags without handles

           Bags made of paper with a weight of 70 g made from 100% recycled, available in brown or white eco. Ideally suited for small gifts or various types of bulk products. To customer needs, we are able to print a logo, even given the entire surface of the bag.


Size (width x height) Weight
80x65x190 mm 70g/m2
100x70x260 mm 70g/m2
140x75x310 mm white 70g/m2
190x130x370 mm brown 70g/m2
250x150x300 mm 70g/m2
305x170x430 mm 70g/m2