Paper bags with flat handles

         Bags made from 100% recycled, are also made of paper not bleached with chlorine, so they can be used in contact with food. These bags have a weight of 70gIn each of them it is possible for the customer printable specially selected logo even on the entire surface of the bag.


Size (Width x Depth x Height) Weight Packed
180x80x230 mm 70/80g/m2 200
200x80x2800 mm 70/80g/m2 250
220x110x280 mm 70/80g/m2 250
240x100x320 mm 70/80g/m2 200
260x140x300 mm 70/80g/m2 350
320x160x430 mm* 70/80g/m2 250
320x220x250 mm 70/80g/m2 250
320x220x245 mm 70/80g/m2 250





Brown and White paper bags with twisted handle

          Bags made from 100% recycled, are also made of paper not bleached with chlorine, so they can be used in contact with food. These bags have a basis weight of from 70 to 100 g on each of them there is a possibility for the customer printable specially selected logo even on the entire surface of the bag.

Size (Width x Depth x Height) Weight Packed
180x80x210 mm 80g-100g/m2 400
160x80x390 mm 80g-100g/m2 400
240x100x320 mm 80g-100g/m2 250
240x100x360 mm 80g-100g/m2 250
305x170x340 mm 80g-100g/m2 100
330x120x500 mm 80g-100g/m2 200
305x170x445 mm 80g-100g/m2 100
400x180x390 mm 80g-100g/m2 100
350x180x440 mm 80g-100g/m2 100
500x180x390 mm 80g-100g/m2 100
450x170x480 mm 80g-100g/m2 100
360x330x320 mm 80g-100g/m2 100



Colored paper bag - twisted paper handle

           Bags made of paper weights from 90 to 120 g available in many colors. Apla color is applied to the white paper. This allows the color of the bag becomes a lively and expressive color. 

Size (Width x Depth x Height) Weight Packed
240x100x360 mm 90-120g/m2 250
305x170x340 mm 90-120g/m2 100
305x170x445 mm 90-120g/m2 100
400x180x390 mm 90-120g/m2 100





ECO prestige bags


           Handbags made by hand and machine sheet. Paper weight from 90-250g/m2. Each bag holds prestige: String handle, padded bottom and top tabs. Eco Series stands out for the prestige that is made without paper laminate coating which makes them environmentally friendly.

Size (Width x Depth x Height) Weight Packed
110x90x400 mm 110g/m2 400
170x70x250 mm 110g/m2 400
240x90x320 mm 110g/m2 200
300x100x400 mm 110g/m2 200